Introduction to input file (tutorial)


your first simulation

This page describes the usage of input file

A granoo computation is described through input *.inp files. These files are written in the xml language. Input files simply describe in a chronological order the main steps of your computation. A step is called PlugIn in the granoo terminology. Input files contain three sections : the PreProcessing, Processing and PostProcessing sections.

The Processing section corresponds to the main time loop required by the time scheme. It means that the PlugIn written in this section are triggered at each time step during the simulation. The PreProcessing and PostProcessing PlugIn are triggered just one time before and after the time loop respectively.

Note that these three sections must be embedded in a <GranOO.../> xml tag. This tag is used to define global settings of simulation such as time step, iteration number, number of thread involved in the computation, etc…

Below, you will find a simplified version of an input file that corresponds to the granular rain example available in the somewhere/tags/2.0/Example/Granular/Rain/ path. Please, observe the general structure and go to the next tutorial step to learn more about input file.

<GranOO Version="2.0" TotIteration="50000" TimeStep="2e-5" OutDir="Results">

    <!-- Bounding shape construction -->
    <PlugIn Id="_NewSupportShape" Type="Box" DimX="1." DimY="0.25" DimZ="1." ID="Boundary"/>

    <!-- Make the rain -->
    <PlugIn Id="AddElement" xMaxPos=".5" yPos="0." zMaxPos=".5" rMax="0.02" 
	    MaxNumber="2000" IterLoop="100"/> 

    <PlugIn Id="_ClearLoad"/>
    <PlugIn Id="_ApplyGravity" X="0." Y="-10." Z="0."/>

    <!-- Manage collision between discrete element and support shape -->
    <PlugIn Id="_ManageCollision" .../>
    <!-- Manage collision between discrete elements -->
    <PlugIn Id="_ManageCollision" .../>

    <PlugIn Id="_IntegrateAcceleration" Linear="Yes" Angular="Yes"/>