Check your installation (tutorial)


your first simulation

This tutorial shows how to check your installation

Suppose that you install GranOO in a somewhere directory. Now, go to an example directory.

cd somewhere/granoo/tags/2.0/Example/Granular/Rain/

Make an empty directory named build

mkdir build

Invoke cmake. You must tell cmake where the CMakeLists.txt file is. In most of cases this file is simply in the example source directory.

cmake ../

Invoke make for compiling example. This process will create the executable file rain.exe


Go to the upper directory

cd ../

Run the executable. Note that you must specify to the executable the path of the input file Rain.inp.

./build/rain.exe ./Rain.inp

Wait for simulation ending and visualize the results with the granoo-viewer program. Note that you must tell to the granoo-viewer program the directory where the result files are located.

granoo-viewer ./Results/

If you see a graphical user interface (a window) that shows your simulation in 3d, it means that your install is right !