granoo-viewer usage (tutorial)


your first simulation

This page describes how to use the granoo3-viewer program

Window description

The following picture shows the granoo3-viewer window. The window contains five sections :

  • the 3D scene widget where the discrete domain is interactively drawn.
  • the player section that allows us to render a simulation as a movie. You can navigate between multiple domain files located thanks to the buttons.
  • the console section that displays some information.
  • the scale views that color items as a function of chosen parameters.
  • the tree-view that highlights the different SetOf of a domain.

the gddviewer window

3D scene usage

You can rotate, zoom, translate, change options… To get the whole list of these features, simply type h when 3D scene is focused (you lust click before in the 3D scene). Typing h displays the help window that list the keyboard and mouse bindings.

Player usage

When the viewer is launched, it browses a specified folder in order to find and sort granoo domain files. By clicking on the play button, the program loads and displays successively these files. If the files are small, the load process is quick and it renders like a movie : you can play/pause, navigate to a specified file, etc. If the files are huge, be patient, the viewer may be slow.

In addition, you can take image snapshots thanks to the “record” or the “snapshot” buttons. The “record” button takes a series of snapshots while reading a series of files and the “snapshot” button takes just one picture.

Scale views usage

There are two scale views :

  • color scale that controls the colors of the discrete elements and
  • thickness scale that controls the thickness of the lines that symbolized bonds.

To choose the scalar parameters to scale, right-click on the scale view and select the wanted property. The min and the max of the scalar values are automatically set. When the min and the max are in automatic mode they are displayed in bold. To pass it in manual mode, you can left-click on one of them. Now, you can manually set the min or max value by right-clicking on it.

Tree view usage

The tree view displays and manages the view of the SetOf. The SetOf appear by expanding the dedicated section. If you select a SetOf in the tree view, the SetOf items are highlighted in the 3D view.

By right-clicking on a SetOf you can access to a list of actions that proceed on the selected SetOf : choose a color, a line width or expand it in order to browse the list of its indexed items.

If you expand a SetOf, you get a list of its indexed items. Again, you can right-click to get a list of actions that proceed on the selected item : you can display its properties or delete it.

Item selection in the 3D viewer

You can select an item in the 3D viewer. You must left-click on it while the SHIFT keyboard button is pressed. The selected item must be highlighted. Now, if you right-click on this item, you can choose some actions that operate on it.